写真Motorcycle requires a lot of energy. It’s not only about the output from the engine. Money and time as well. Gasoline, oil, tires… a motorcycle consumes so many things. So, you work, make money, and spend. It may be just a hobby but motorcycle or race requires so much energy, and there are so many things you have to think about. Think and take action, and be desperate to keep racing. That’s important. Being desperate is important. You work desperately to buy a 500,000 yen motorcycle. It is hard to find such money, so you look for cheaper secondhand. Negotiate with a shop owner and try on the motorcycle. Travel further to cheaper shops to buy parts. Maybe you are spending less money but you are spending a lot of time and energy to look for or to negotiate. Practice at race circuits, run a qualifying and run a race, they may have different objectives and results, but they all require enormous amount of energy to prepare and do. Spending such energy, or creating such energy is a great thing. Without a compulsion, you decide and make your effort desperately because you are putting yourself into the world that you could even kill yourself. There are no differences in energy between a domestic license rider and international one, or private riders or factory team riders. Each one of them spent certain amount of energy to be standing at the starting grid so the race is a huge concentration of energy. Faster riders require more energy and they spend them. Riding a motorcycle, being a race truly requires energy. And that is a wonderful thing.