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One-piece exhaust Hand bent + large diameter pipe, matches muscular image of ZEPHYR1100
  One-piece ex. without oil pan kit For those already have the MORIWAKI Zephyr oil pan
  Steering stem kit Achieving both strength and weight reduction with optimum machining and 3bolts fastening
  Brake caliper bracket, front For Brembo (40mm pitch) + OHLINS fork
Swingarm Stabilizer + truss construction giving sufficient stiffness and design impact
  Brake caliper bracket, rear For Brembo (specially designed for MORIWAKI Swingarm)
Back step kit Straight line based design matches burly image of ZEPHYR1100
Pivot plate Optimum hollowing and ribs, and improved stiffness
Clutch release plate kit Easier to work on the drive chain and sprocket
Spark plug cooling duct Help cooling the spark plugs and head area

Skid pads, white
Skid pads, black

Specially designed for MORIWAKI Point over/Generator cover installed bike
  Rear fender-less kit Creates trim rear-looking
on sale
  Point cover "Must have item" for MORIWAKI custom bike
  Generator cover "Must have item" for MORIWAKI custom bike
Frame hole plug "ZEPHYR" carved in
on sale
  Carbon front fender Elegant and yet strong carbon fiber product
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