■The history of MotoGP

A decision

MORIWAKI gave up entering the Suzuka 8hours Endurance that year. It was their first time in 30years of MORIWAKI racing history.

“All races are same for us. We always fought every race seriously. Prepare a machine to win the race, enter the race to win. That is a respect we pay to our rivals and races. We have to put everything together to face 8hours or MotoGP. Both 2 races’ level is very high. That is why we thought carefully and mad a decision to gave up the 8hour to focus on our first MotoGP season.”
“MD211VF project also started in 8hours. We have MD now because we had been studying steel pipe frame with MTM-1. Without our experience and trial with MTM-1, MD211VF won’t be running like this even we have Honda 5-cylinder engines.”
“We are not retiring from the Suzuka 8hours, yet. I promise to enter this year. I mean, not just enter the race but fight through the race to win. Doesn’t matter what happen in our MotoGP establishment, we will race next Suzuka 8hours to win.”

It was bitter choice for MORIWAKI. Shogo Moriwaki (Weider/ Honda Technical College/ DD BOYS) finished in 3rd in the Suzuka 8hours, won JSB class. It was something for MORIWAKI fans. Meanwhile, MD211VF development and test was progressing. DUNLOP prepared new tires every time and NISSHIN brought totally new caliper. Then, on August 22, MORIWAKI’s last European round, Brno, Czech Republic GP started.

MORIWAKI came very close to Nobuatsu Aoki, Proton KR but could not take him, ended the final race in 16th.

But Moriwaki wasn’t discouraged. He had gained so much from these 3 races in Europe. Standing at same place as big works teams and understood what they were trying and struggling. Seeing behavior of air when a machine reaches 320km/h brought new idea to their cowling design. And there was a big news waiting for us.