■The history of MotoGP

Way to Camel Japan Grand Prix, 11th position

Number 19 on MD211VF, Jacque was not doing so well in the qualifying session. Although, he was faster than the lap time he marked with YZE-M1 in previous year, his position was 21st at the qualifying session. And he toppled over during the free practice in the final day morning. The engine might suck some sand so they had to replace it. Clock was ticking. The shutter was closed at MORIWAKI’s pit and they started disassembling the machine.

Starting time of the final race was getting close. A MD211VF was there, without any signs of damage. They started its engine. MORIWAKI’s mechanics did the tremendous work without showing any concerns on their faces. Jacque hurt his back but all mechanical problems were solved before the start of the final race.

At opening lap, Jacque managed to pass the multiple crashes occurred at the 1st corner and got 15th position. Got 12th at lap15. Then Troy Bayliss toppled over at 5 lap before the end of the race, Jacque moved up to 11th. That was the result of Motegi. Jacque was fighting with his back pain toward the end of the race and trying to save fuel to bring the bike to the finish line. However, it was great a point gaining result again. 2years ago, MD211VF was surrounded by joy of being in MotoGP. Same year, MORIWAKI could not satisfy themselves just finishing a MotoGP race at Motegi. And last year, they felt deep impression of gaining a first point of MotoGP in European rounds. And again, they climbed a level even higher.