■The history of MotoGP

Result of 7 MotoGP races in 2 years

3 years ago, none of MotoGP crowds could imagine MORIWAKI was going to gain 7 points in only 7 races. But MORIWAKI’s achievement was not only world praise.

Above all, Mamoru Moriwaki’s way of creating racing machines was proved. He spent last 30 years studying and working to create racing machines. He wasn’t wrong. That brought him a great confidence. There were many difficulties he had to overcome when he faced to over 200hp. But he never had to change MD211VF principle design. Basic concept of Moriwaki’s motorcycle design is an extension of MH80R.

And MORIWAKI was cheered by many fans and supporters. There were Honda people among supporters such as Mr. Fukui, President of Honda, Mr. Ikenotani, Mr. Yoshimura and Mr. Kanazawa, President of HRC. They were simply looking for to see what MORIWAKI was going to do with their 5-cylinder engine. People always looked happy to see MORIWAKI and always shared their feelings.

They also had good sponsors. TIGER was one of them. Mr. Kikuchi, President of Tiger Corporation came to Motegi, had a camera in his hand and cheered Jacque together with MORIWAKI members. It was a precious experience with a sponsor. Technical sponsors such as DUNLOP and NISSHIN became great fortune of the project. They experienced difficulty with development of their products in the most prominent field, MotoGP, and obtained data became shared asset of both MORIWAKI and theirs.

MORIWAKI may have paid enormous amount of rental fee to get RC211V engines, however, they gained not only race records but also good relations with people.
The project also brought something good to MORIWAKI members. Not only mechanics but also all MORIWAKI members who involved in the project had been experienced the top of the world. All these experience will be contributed to all MORIWAKI products.