■The history of MotoGP

Outcome of MotoGP Project

After coming back from Europe, Mamoru Moriwaki said, “It was mortifying.” That was his impression of Europe.

“Field was filled with spectators in Europe. They said they had over 200,000 of spectators just on the final race day. And every spectator knows about the race very well. Race industry people take good care of fans especially small ones. Kids are future fans and riders. I thought Japan is far behind. I have to do something about it.”

Moriwaki is now preparing a new race in Japan. And entering all of All Japan Road Race Championship rounds with former WGP rider, Naoki Matsudo, getting ready for Suzuka 8hours which they gave up in pervious year. Moriwaki is also enriching Moriwaki Club activity, bringing up riders to win Suzuka 4hours Endurance. One or two entries to MotoGP is also in his mind. MORIWAKI’s racing activity is in high gear.

“MD211VF frame development is settled for the time being. I have confidence to perform a good race in MotoGP when other things are ready. But entering MotoGP was never our goal. We must contribute our know-hows to the racing industry. That is our mission. Support domestic races, all Japan or regional and bring up young riders and mechanics. I like everyone to enjoy races as long as possible. I want to support everyone to be able to do that. I have learned a lot in the last 2years. Now, it is a time to pass knowledge on to everyone. That is going to be our work from 2005 onward.”

MORIWAKI’s challenge hasn’t finished. Their target is consistent in every race, Suzuka 4hours, 8hours, All Japan or MotoGP. Challenging attitude and way of thinking are important. Good result will follow.