■The history of MotoGP

World GP and MORIWAKI; Long journey

It was not the first time the blue-white-yellow racer gained points in world GP road race. In 1986, MORIWAKI colored NSR250 came 7th at Austria GP and 8th at Yugoslavia GP. Rider was Shunji Yatsushiro, making his debut in the world GP, gained total of 7 points that year and got 13th position in the annual raking. Also Osamu Hiwatashi entered Donington Park, British GP with RS250R engine onboard MORIWAKI Z frame racer in that year. MORIWAKI has always looked at world GP and aimed for it. In a sense, Graeme Crosby, the 2nd world ranking rider from 1982 and Wayne Gardner, 1987 world champion are members of MORIWAKI family.

However, Mamoru Moriwaki was looking at 2004 season result differently compare to other GP experience.
“Yatsushiro could get points because of the rider himself and potential of NSR. MORIWAKI only had to set up the machine and let it run. But MD211VF was different. We designed from scratch except the engine.” Certainly the MORIWAKI MotoGP PROJECT was the dream that MORIWAKI had in their mind; “Challenge the world greatest road race by ourselves!”