■The history of MotoGP

Answer is in Japan

MORIWAKI MTM-1(2000~2001)

(Having 250hp and weight increase) Who could have knowledge and capacity to create such a difficult frame?

Automotive engine suppliers (currently consider entering MotoGP) are looking for the answer in Europe. But we like to tell them to come to Japan and learn how individual constructors competed with works teams at Suzuka 8hours Endurance up till 1983. When Wayne Gardner made then Suzuka circuit record lap; 2min14sec, 4sec faster than works racers in 1981, what did the bike look like? It was a beautiful aluminum block frame bike.

From 1984, it was the time for 750cc TT F1, and the Suzuka 8hours Endurance became a battlefield for big works teams. But when 1,000cc bikes were racing in Suzuka 8hours, YOSHIMURA and MORIWAKI could challenge and defeat big works teams like HONDA and KAWASAKI.

In other words, frames of works team bikes were just good enough for engine power of 750cc level, but for 1,000cc monster bikes, even small individual constructors could defeat works team if there is someone extremely talented for frames.

This new “MotoGP” reminds me of the early 80s monster era. This combination of various competitors is almost like the Suzuka 8hours Endurance in early 80s. This may be the chance for individual constructors.

We are now watching MORIWAKI MTM-1. The bike was developed last year to obtain “Z1” frame data and entered some races including the Suzuka 8hours Endurance. It has a cage-form chromium molybdenum (easy welding, high heat resistance and high tensile strength) pipe frame. According to MORIWAKI that the chromium molybdenum was chosen instead of aluminum because they wanted to check strength and stiffness level of the frame to endure Z1 torque, and to test its heat resistance level. But all of MORIWAKI fans believed there is something more behind it. (Excerpt from July 2001 issue of CYCLESOUNDS)

The expectation was right. MORIWAKI was already moving to be prepared for the new GP era. One year later, the day had come. 2 sheets of press release were distributed at Motegi Press room on Oct 6, 2002, at Pacific Grand Prix. They mentioned;

MORIWAKI MTM-1(2000-2001)
1. MORIWAKI ENGINEERING is aiming to enter MotoGP in 2004. MORIWAKI is looking for possibility to have wildcard-entry in 2003 season.
2. RC211V, V5 engine will be supplied from HRC
3. RC211V engine onboard MORIWAKI original frame machine; MD211VF is now under development.
The PROJECT had officially started.