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Why steel pipe frame?

MD211VF: RC211V HRC V5 Engine + MORIWAKI Chassis

MD211VF has Honda RC211V 5-cylinder engine on MORIWAKI fully original trussed frame. It was just what we expected.
The reason why MORIWAKI chose the frame is not only to prove those heat resistance or strength they were testing with MTM-1. Because it was to adapt to over 200hp inexperienced power and run safely. But moreover, it could bring the most efficient way of realizing stable controllability that MORIWAKI was looking for. Dimension of steel pipe welded frame can be revised to introduce every test result. But it is not so easy with, for example, aluminum twin-spar frame. Changing the caster angle or engine mount position, or even changing the swing-arm setting means total rebuilding of the frame. To face this very first challenge, MORIWAKI decided to use own know-hows as the base and develop a machine by learning through forthcoming experience while having the world of over 200hp and 320km/h in sight.