■The history of MotoGP

Didn’t even know if it could run straight

MORIWAKI ventured to use low stiffness frame to have “creeping”. The first bike appeared in November 2002, a month after the press release. Without active weight reduction, it weighed 160kg. MORIWAKI was intended to improve the stiffness of the frame through running it. Which was possible with the steel pipe welded frame.

November 13, 2002 at Motegi. SHAKEDOWN. “What is this power!” It came out of Masao Okuno’s mouth at his first ride of MD211VF. But it overcame Mamoru Moriwaki’s worry. It ran straight. I imagine how incredible it was to have very original new designed machine could run at its shakedown.
Okuno was making lap in 2min12 to 13sec at beginning.

Moriwaki looks back and says, “But it wasn’t easy to pass the 2min line. Something was going on”.
Meanwhile, Shogo Moriwaki had a very short ride on the MD211VF, slightly experienced the taste of MotoGP.

During the 2days test, MORIWAKI reached 1min55sec at day1 and 1min53sec at day2. It was a result of small improvement on suspension settings. Anyway, after 30min of the testing, Moriwaki already knew what he had to do when they go back from the 2days test.

 The problem was “wheelie”. The front wheel goes up even at 4th or 5th gear, not allowing rider to open the throttle. MORIWAKI was facing same problem as Kawasaki ZX-RR had at its debut season in that year.

“My idea of running motorcycle faster has changed in the last one month. I have learned influence of tires and suspensions and how difficult it is to control and transfer the enormous power to the ground. It was a great experience.”