Our Philosophy

■Corporate Slogan


here is no end in Monozukuri, or creative production. There is always something better.

Even winning a race with the most powerful bike doesn’t mean that the progress of technology has reached its end.

Progress may seem slow; 1 hundredth of second or 1 tenth of millimeter…

But that is why we cannot stop looking and thinking about the future…”Beyond The Best”

Moriwaki continuously provides high quality performance parts with
reasonable price to our customers.

■Moriwaki Color Concept

BLUE is the color of ocean and sky where every life of the earth was originated; Mother Nature.

YELLOW represents the sprit of Moriwaki, who loves Mother Nature, and who plays active in Mother Nature.

Since the beginning of Moriwaki career in racing circuit, these 2 colors have been given to all Moriwaki machines to pass essence of Moriwaki sprit to them.

Moriwaki Color Concept