Challenge whatever we face, and never give up

It depends on how we look at things. People grow when they conquer difficulties they face. People also can stop growing when they give up trying to overcome the difficulty they face. There is no such a word “impossible” for human.

Dedicated to future GP riders

THE MORIWAKI BOOK was published in July, 1985. It was written by Moriwaki, desiring riders to have better training and safer and substantial race.

We introduced a part of the book in our 2007 catalogue and have been asked if the book is still available. Some wanted to read it for their first times, some had read before and wanted to read it again. Unfortunately the book is no longer available, so we like to place its contents here in our web in series.

・Nothing impossible for you

When you start reading this, you are involved. You are involved in activities to make anything possible. Riding motorcycles, Entering races, Tuning machines, Meeting new friends, Studying and growing as a human… a human with every possibility. That is you. In riding, tooling and thinking, you have been improving certainly since you started riding, since the day you had the first race. You are improving day by day. You are already different from yesterday. You can set a Suzuka course record, or become a world champion… because you have the “possibility”. Possible or Impossible? You will lose the possibility to become a world champion from the moment you say “It’s impossible.” If you say “possible” then, the chance isn’t zero. It is not a dream. The possibility is real. You may not become a world champion right now, but nobody knows what is going to happen in 10, or even 5 years time. That is exactly why I say “you have the possibility. “When am I going to be a champion?” “What is the chance I have?” You don’t have to answer to those questions. It is wrong to ask. All you have to do is trying to achieve your objective. But you can’t expect a result right away. A result may not come for a long time. You will have to wait 1 year or 10years before you see the result. Maybe it comes after you stop racing.

You have time. You have time to endeavor, try and think. You are young. You are young enough to do everything with possibility. It’s not only about race. It’s not only about study, either. Everything can be possible if you think “Nothing is impossible”. Then you think how can it become possible? What can be done to make it happen? Motorcycles, races and the great nature around them make you grow. Process of having a joy or pain. Taking an action or taking a time to think. Being interested in… and being young.
There is nothing impossible for you.

Mamoru Moriwaki