写真I mentioned that race requires enormous amount of energy, and it is a wonderful thing. However, it is you the one doing it. I want you to aware of it. People sometime tend to forget that they are really doing it when they are being desperate. Worked 3 days to tune the engine without any sleep, or front wheel slipped at a corner and being scared to death. I want you to aware that you are doing all these hard, difficult and dangerous things because you wanted to, and be confident about doing them. I believe that being race will bring you some kinds of confidence in your school activities or at work. The passion you pour into your racing will make a difference between you and a person who does not do anything. Maybe you don’t notice it. Maybe you only find it when you retire from racing. You might say, “I raced only 2 years, and never been qualified.” So, that means, you had done 2 years of experience that something most of people never experienced. But it’s important to be conscious what you are doing. Without being conscious, your race experience with such risk will not bring any confidence to you. Motorcycling and racing are very dangerous things. You could say they are fun because of it. But you have to aware of it. Do you think racing is bad because it is dangerous? That is not true. It is not just “dangerous” but it is something people put their thoughts to do in safe under certain rules. Animals don’t put themselves in danger. Their instinct will avoid dangers, but humans create energy to fight against the danger. Humans have tools and passions. Someone sacrifices everything he has to concentrate on race. You are spending such an enormous energy, so please be aware of what you are doing.