写真There are many things that people would say “impossible”. It could be like lapping Suzuka in 2min and 10sec, or defeating Freddie Spencer. But are they really impossible? Not even 1% of chances? That is wrong. It is possible. As long as your answer is not “impossible”, there is always a chance. It is wrong to make a judgment based on only what you have now. You, machines and a race circuit, everything has potential to change and nobody knows what it is going to be in future. Therefore, your answer is “possible”. How can you say it is impossible without even trying it? There is no progress in negative way of thinking. “Travel to the moon.” It is, of-course, possible, but what would you say if it was 200 years ago… Someone thought it is possible, although many said it is ridiculous and impossible. I think it became possible because there was someone believed it is possible and tried. If no one said it was possible, then there will be no progress. Just like I said, there are many things you can not expect to have a result instantly. Some may take years. In race, you practice riding or trying to improve your machine performance. You keep trying to achieve “a result” you will see in the future.

There is always “you” who will be better than you are now, even if you think you can not run any faster or be scared to ride. You may ask, “What is the limit of my capacity?” I say, “There is no limit.” You just decided there is one. Do you really know your potential? I don’t think so. Because you keep coming back to the circuit believing you will do better next time even after you disqualified for a race, or a crash or blowing up your engine.