2015 FIM MotoGP World Championship Round15 MOTUL Grand Prix of JAPAN Race Day
(Sunday October 11, 2015) →Photo Gallery

The race day has arrived for the Japanese round of MotoGP.
From the morning the weather condition had become rain plus a foggy condition making the doctor helicopter not being able to fly.
Eventually with a 2 hour delay the first morning practice session began at 11 a.m. with only 10 minutes session.
Team quickly changed the setting from dry to wet with so limited time and was only able to run 5 laps altogether however, Yuki Takahashi puts his name on the 4th position from the beginning and brings his time up to 2:05.233 ending the session in 6th position.

The race began with a wet condition however, the rain had stopped by the time of racing and the overall race laps were shortened from 23 laps to 15 laps due to the delay in the morning. With several close moments with other riders in this instable condition, Yuki had managed to raise his position from 25th to 20th in the opening lap. From then on he beings his position up to 16th by lap 6 and never let his concentration fade with the fight against the world. Even with a small mistake can cost several positions but on lap 12 Yuki overtakes Mika Kallio and brings his position up to 14th. Being in the points position Yuki and MORIWAKI Racing had ended this Japanese Grad Prix with 2 points in their pocket. It is very hard to even reach in the points position with nothing to lose and we had taken 2 points in this race.

This was a major step for Yuki being able to see where he is at with the world compared to All Japan Road Racing Championship or Asia Road Racing Championship where he had to fight alone. With no time to rest, Yuki will be heading to Okayama next week for the round 8 of All Japan Road Racing Championship. With this big step we are for sure to see the more strong Yuki Takahashi in action!!

The challenge to the world will never end with Yuki Takahashi and MORIWAKI Racing.
Of course we will be aiming to be the champion of All Japan Road Racing Championship.
We cannot move forward without all of your support. Thank you very much and please keep the cheers for Yuki Takahashi and Moriwaki Racing.

Yuki Takahashi
"In the morning session, I was able to gain a lot of positions since I knew how the bike would behave in these wet conditions here. I had changed the settings just before the race so I can ride even better however, it did not go the way I wanted and it had become a hard race. I wanted to gain a lot of positions from the beginning but it was a little hard so I decided to be more precise than usual but be aggressive at the same time.
It was a full on shot for the team and myself despite that it has being a year since we raced Moto2 however, on a wild card entry and being able to achieve some points overall, I have to thank the team for this because without them I would not have done it. Of course I am riding on the limits every time but this week, I think my limits had risen and thought about many things after this race. What I achieved in this race will definitely be plus on my side and be able to apply these skills on All Japan Road Racing Championship and Asia Road Racing Championship. I can already feel that I will be strong on next week's race at Okayama."

DATA - Oct 11,2015 Race

2015 FIM MotoGP World Championship Round15 MOTUL Grand Prix of JAPAN Qualifying Day
(Saturday October 10, 2015)→Photo Gallery

Today, the Japanese Grand Prix of Moto GP official qualifying was held here in Motegi. It was a bright sunny day however, in the free practice 3 it started to have some clouds out on the sky and the temperature was lower than yesterday’s session. Yuki Takahashi have done 19 laps altogether in the free practice 3 session and the best lap was done on lap 9 timing 1:53.376. The temperature was lower than expected however the team was already giving the best countermeasure and getting ready for the qualifying session.

The qualifying session had a delay of 20 minutes due to a red flag during the free practice 4 of MotoGP class. On a temperature of 22℃ and track temperature of 24℃ the official qualifying session started. Yuki first went 8 laps to make sure of what the progress was from FP1 to FP3 and made some adjustments on the suspension and went out the his second run. On his second lap Yuki marks his best time of the weekend of 1:53.001. Being very calm and when he realizes that a faster rider is coming from behind, he eases the time and let them go so Yuki can have the clearance for the next lap. Eventually on the final lap, Yuki updates his time to 1:52.911 having to lap better on every section he lapped.

Although the time and position is not in the ideal position, Yuki and the team is fighting for one and gave it the best they have. Of course on tomorrow’s race it will be the same with MORIWAKI Racing and Yuki Takahashi to give it the best.

Yuki Takahashi
“Of course I wanted to lap faster and faster. Although I know that this is a very hard job to accomplish. On the last 5 laps I had changed my rear tyre to a brand new one and I was able to reach the 53.0second lap but after that the lap did not go as well as I thought it would and on the very final lap I was able to reach the 52.9seconds line. We all know how the setting should go and I honestly want more time however, things will not go as I want so we did our best in the regulated times. I want to thank all my team staff and I trust them for their professional work. I want to give them back something with my riding. I know it is almost impossible to suddenly lap a second faster but 0.1 second at a time will not be that difficult I believe so I will try my best to give them a better time than last time. I cannot be impatient as well since nothing good will happen so we all will be as usual and give it the best we have. On tomorrow’s race I will be full on from the first lap and hopefully be on the better position. Thank you all very much for your support.”

DATA - Oct 10,2015 Qualify

2015 FIM MotoGP World Championship Round15 MOTUL Grand Prix of JAPAN
Free Practice Session(Friday October 9, 2015)→Photo Gallery

The Japanese round of MotoGP began in Motegi Tochigi providence. As a wild card, Yuki Takahashi enters the round with MORIWAKI Racing. Just 1 week ago, as you may know already, he raced at Qatar for Asian Road Racing Championship. A hurricane hit this Wednesday and was worried about the weather condition however, it was a brilliant sunshine today and 2 of the free practice sessions were held. Free practice 1 was held in the morning with a temperature of 23℃ and track temperature of 39℃. It has been a year since Yuki felt the Moto2 machine and slowly brings up the pace with getting use to the feeling. In the middle of the session, some adjustments were made to the suspension and ends the first practice session with a time of 1:54.635.

Free Practice 2 was held in the afternoon with a temperature of 24℃ and track temperature of 36℃, a little lower than the morning session however, Yuki overwrites his best time in just 4 laps in the session and bring his best time up to 1:53.196 by lap 16 and ends the first day of the grand prix in 24th position.

Last year there was a trouble on the engine and could not race with full potential ending up in a disappointing race however, Yuki has become strong from being a champion in All Japan Road Racing Championship last year, this year is also going well for him and also participating in Asia Road Racing Championship. Applying in with different bikes in such short time of period made him very strong and relaxed, being with the team staff that he is used to. Please cheer for the ever so strong Yuki Takahashi!!

Yuki Takahashi
“In the beginning there was an uncomfortable feeling with the bike however, the feeling had changed to a good way in a matter of minutes. This year my motto is to “forget the past and move on with what I have in front of me” style so I already forgot that I was in Qatar last week. The time itself is not bad although 24th position is not good at all; I had progress compared to the first run and second run so that is a good feeling. With a year of setting progress with the world, I know it may be impossible to catch up with the world in 3 runs with only 45 minutes however; I do like these types of challenges. We all hope to give it the best since we could not even be on the starting point of best last year, therefore I would like to see how we closed the gap with our best shot.”

DATA - Oct 9,2015 Free Practice

2015 FIM MotoGP World Championship Round15 MOTUL Grand Prix of JAPAN

Yuki Takahashi, from MORIWAKI Racing, aiming to be the champion of the MFJ ALL Japan Road Racing Championship J-GP2 class for 2 years in a row, will be entering the Japanese round of MotoGP Moto2 class as a wild card this weekend. Riding the MD600, Yuki will be taking revenge for last year's race.

From the disappointing result from last year, to lead the climax of the world once again, Yuki Takahashi and MORIWAKI will be challenging the world with the 2010 champion machine MD600.

We all know that it is not easy to grab victory however, we will be taking place with all of our technologies and experiences to give it a shot to the world's best.

Please cheer for Yuki Takahashi and MORIWAKI Racing for this week's event!!

DATA - Oct 8,2015 Release