All Japan Road Race Championship Round 9 J-GP2 6 Round

Oct 31th (Sat) – Qualify
Nov 1st (sun) - Race

Sunday November 1st – Race Day
Yuki Takahashi earns the Champion for 2 years in a row with fifth victory of the season!
Daijiro coming in 2nd to end the season with a one-two finish for MORIWAKI Racing!

Final round of All Japan Road Racing Championship took place at Suzuka circuit.
Rain was the main weather for the recent years however, this year it was a perfect sunny morning, looks to be a perfect day for MORIWAKI Racing. In the morning practice, Yuki sets the fastest time to show that he will be the champion and Daijiro places himself in 3rd.

Clouds were covering the sky by the race and exactly 10 past 2 in the afternoon, the 15 lap race began. Yuki takes the hole shot from the beginning and Daijiro places 5th on the opening lap. Right after, a red flag delays the race for oil on the track and resets the race. After 20 minutes of delay and the race laps were shortened to 10, the race restarted and Yuki again takes the hole shot looking like a replay from the first race. Daijiro made a super start and jumps up to 2nd place in the first corner however, he drops a position on the next corner. With hard battles for 2nd place, Daijiro slides back to second place and MORIWAKI Racing makes a one-two formation from the beginning of the race.

Despite being the leader in the points, there were only 2 points in between Yuki and the second place rider so being the simple situation of whomever ends in front will be the champion. With red flag coming in between the race and a situation where riders are in the point of losing their concentration, Yuki never lost his cool and as he commented in the start of the race he pushed as hard as possible from the beginning and he did just that by taking the lead and marks the fastest lap of 2’11.477 at lap 8 and never letting anyone get by him, Yuki takes the checker flag and earns himself the champion for 2 years in a row with fifth victory in his pocket for this season.

Daijiro also lapped in the 2 minutes 11 seconds line and by lap 7 he punches out a time of 2’11.735 only 0.3 seconds off Yuki’s best time and takes the checker flag in second place. The last race of the season in front of all the MORIWAKI Racing fans, a one-two finish was established here at Suzuka.

Taking the series champion for 2 years in a row, one-two finish, a perfect way to end the season for MORIWAKI Racing and thank you very much for all of your support. Without them this would not have happened this way.

Yuki Takahashi
"I am relieved to be in this position and became the champion again! During the red flag I had actually changed the setup a little bit and this did not go the way I wanted so I was not able to lap the time I was aiming for (2'10s) however, the second start was more comfortable since the tyres were in a better condition. Like I said before the race I pushed as hard as possible from the beginning and never lose my concentration.

I am also satisfied to have a one-two finish Daijiro but at the same time I thought to myself I have to challenge myself even more. All the hard work from the beginning of the year led me and the team to achieve this result in the end and there could not have been better to end the year like this.

From this year, the suspension had changed to KYB however, KYB, Dunlop, and the team did a fantastic job to bring me in the highest position and earn the champion for the second year in a row. I am very happy and want to thank everyone for this moment."

Daijiro Hiura
"I am very satisfied for this result. Although I did not win I have done the best I can for the team and myself. I had a poor start on race 1 and lost a position so I was helped by the red flag. From yesterday I was able to lap in the 2’11s with the race tyres so I had confidence and for the first time I was able to ride right behind Yuki and thought to myself I will catch up. That was my motivation and probably led me to have a comfortable second position.

This was my first year with this class, the first year with MORIWAKI Racing, and I want to thank the mechanics and the team for this opportunity. I am also very satisfied to end the season with a one-two finish for our team. Thank you very much!"

DATA - Nov 1,2015 RACE

Saturday October 31st - Official Qualifying Yuki Takahashi grabs the pole with a new course record.
Daijiro Hiura grabs 4th on the grid.

Final round of All Japan Road Racing Championship took place in Suzuka Circuit. Yuki Takahashi looking to be the champion with 4 wins out of 5 races this year. Another hard race coming with only 2 points in the lead however, this is MORIWAKI Racing's home grand prix and there is nothing to lose.

The grand prix week began on Thursday due to a lack of testing at this track for all the riders. This day Yuki tops the board and Daijiro places 3rd. The following day, on Friday, Yuki tops the board again with 2'10.671 and Daijiro also comes 3rd and prepares for the qualifying round.

Yuki had a briefing with the team on Wednesday and the objective was to achieve the lap time on the 2 minute 9 second zone. On the first day of practice Yuki timed on the 2 minute 11 second zone and seemed it would be difficult to achieve the goal. Yuki never gave up and changed his setup on every run and tries to reach his goal of the 9 second zone.

Finally came the qualifying session and on the first run Yuki simulated his race day setup and comes back to the pits for another adjustments.

Bringing the new tyes, Yuki went for another attack and puts a stunning lap time of 2'09,529. With updating the course record over 2 seconds, Yuki grabs the pole position again making it 6 in a row!
Daijiro Hiura having a difficult race 2 weeks back in Okayama, was also having a very good race weekend bringing the time to 2'11.388 making it his best time of the weekend.

Although he barely missed the front row, his motivation is very high and set to be on the podium for tomorrow's race. The final race had begun here in Suzuka and please cheer for the two best riders from MORIWAKI Racing Yuki Takahashi and Daijiro Hiura.

Yuki Takahashi
"I am very content with this pole position with the time being able to reach the 2 minute 9 second line.I was aiming for the 9 seconds line last year however, the rain condition did not let me do so. I was actually a little nervous since I had only reached on the 11 seconds line on Thursday however, the bike was just simply amazing and I was able to reach my goal. I would like to thank the team very much for this effort. This is a "home" grand prix for Moriwaki and for myself so I was able to go beyond my best and never let our guys down.

In the beginning of the qualifying session I set myself for tomorrow's race and came back to the pits for my best lap. Changing the setup for the last time, I went back out to the track and gave my best shot. For tomorrow, I will do my very best to be the season champion again and hope I can achieve it"

Daijiro Hiura"A little disappointed looking at my time compared to Yuki however, 4th position is not so bad. From Thursday up until this point, my time is getting better and better so I am confident about tomorrow's race. I could not get the setup good enough at Okayama however, this is Suzuka and no matter what happens I have to get to the podium tomorrow. I could not reach Yuki even with qualifying tyes however, I will do whatever it takes to be as close as possible with Yuki and grab the one-two finish for MORIWAKI Racing."

DATA - Oct 31,2015 QUALIFY

All Japan Road Race Championship Round 8 SUPERBIKE in OKAYAMA– J-GP2 5 Round

Oct 17th (Sat) – Qualify
Oct 18th (Sun) - Race

Oct 18th Sun. – Race Day
An easy victory for Yuki Takahashi and 6th for Daijiro Hiura.

Official race day for round 5 All Japan Road Racing Championship J-GP2 class started with a bright sunshine at Okayama. In the morning session, with a stunning run, Yuki Takahashi puts his name on the top of the time chart with 1’32.870 the only rider to lap on the 1’32’s zone. Daijiro Hiura also had a good run with a promising 5th place.

As the race began, Yuki takes the hole shot on the opening lap and on lap two he marks the fastest lap of the race, a time of 1’31.856 and leaves the second place rider with a gap on 0.5 to nearly a whole second every lap. Yuki never gave in and pushed to his limits even with a large gap between him and the rider behind. Even when back markers appeared, Yuki lapped constantly on the 1’32’s and rivals were only able to lap in the 1’33’s.

Daijiro had a super start and gained two positions from 8th starting position and by lap three he gained another position to 5th. Being in the fourth position battle with 3 riders within 0.8 seconds, Daijiro battled hard however, he drops the position to 6th and ends the race.

Yuki takes the top checker with an incredible 14.565 seconds gap and marks his fourth win of the season. Despite having a disappointing no point from last race, Yuki once again becomes the point leader with this promising victory.

Final round will be held at Suzuka, MORIWAKI Racing’s home ground and hope to close the season with a crowning glory.

Yuki Takahashi
"I am very happy with this victory. The weekend went very well and with the high level of motivation kept from last week, the team and I were able to bring home this tremendous victory. We were able to get some points from the grand prix last weekend however, it was a disappointing one and also the penalty was applied from last race, I had a mixed feeling however, with this win all of the feelings just disappeared. I could not reach the qualifying time I marked last year but was able to finished the race with a better average time from last year so I will take that as a positive feedback to myself. Now I will focus on the Suzuka round in two weeks and also the Asia Road Race Championship and I try to be champion on both classes.
I want to thank the team for a perfect bike every time and I want to thank them back with the Champion title."

Daijiro Hiura
"I am very disappointed with 6th. I changed the front setup and went to the morning warm up session however, things did not go the way I wanted so in the race I had done the opposite setup. I had a good feeling in the beginning however, I could not adjust myself to the bike enough and started to lose my pace resulting to this position. In the final round at Suzuka, I will do whatever it takes to be in front group and aim for the top spot."

DATA - Oct 18,2015 RACE

Oct 17th Official Qualifying
Yuki Takahashi 5 Pole Positions in a Row Despite the Penalty.
Daijiro Hiura aims the top of the podium from 8th.

On Friday’s A.R.T. Test Session, Yuki Takahashi tops the board on both practice sessions. Daijiro Hiura also bringing a better time every time he goes out on track and ends his day with 9th position.

In this qualifying Yuki’s top 5 laps were scheduled to be erased due to the penalty he received on last race, therefore his 6th best lap will be applied as his qualifying time. Yuki pushed very hard from the beginning and lapped on the 1:31’s for 12 laps.
“I kept telling myself that this is my last lap, every lap” said Yuki and the final lap time was 1:31.825 being the only rider in the 1:31 zone and brings the pole position making it 5 poles in a row for this season.

Daijiro Hiura, having to bring his time on every run is also having a positive feel with setup changes. In the end of the qualifying day, Daijiro brought his time up a whole second and grabs the 8th position with a time of 1:32.874.

In this round, Yuki was being very enthusiastic about qualifying. Yuki will be challenging tomorrow’s race with high concentration and motivation from last week’s MotoGP round, not being satisfied with his setup even with pole position, will definitely be aiming for victory. Daijiro will also be aiming for the top spot and it will for sure be a hard fight for MORIWAKI Racing.

Yuki Takahashi
“I just pushed as hard as possible. My top 5 laps were going to be deleted so I used all 40 minutes to just push hard as much as possible. I could not waste any lap whatsoever so I concentrated and thought to myself this will be last lap, every lap. With the positive motivation from last week’s grand prix, my concentration was raised even more. I have had many briefing with the team since the day we arrived to Okayama. With situations like this, where we cannot have a single mistake, the team and I overcame with the high motivations. As a result, we were able to grab the satisfying pole position. I was able to ride well even with the race tyre and with a little setup change, I am ready for tomorrow’s race.”

Daijiro Hiura
“8th position is not too disappointing since I was able to bring my time from 1:33.8 in A.R.T. Test session to 1:32.8 in this qualifying session. Slowly but surely my style is starting to synchronize with the bike. Today I changed my setup all around not just adjusting few positions here and there every time after every run. The rear is good so from now to tomorrow morning I will decide on what to do with the front and hopefully gain 0.5 seconds more. I am expecting to run in average time in the early 1:32’s in tomorrow’s race.”

DATA - Oct 17,2015 QUALIFY

All Japan Road Race Championship Round 5 TWIN RING MOTEGI – J-GP2 FOURTH Round

Aug 22th (Sat) – Qualify
Aug 23th (Sun) - Race

August 23rd Race Day
A First No Point Race since Yuki’s Return to All Japan Road Racing Championship.

MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Racing Championship J-GP2 Round 4 had taken place in Twin Ring Motegi. A bright sunshine from the morning and Yuki Takahashi brought a top time in the morning practice showing us how competitive Yuki can be. Daijiro also laps his best time of the week with a time of 1.55.168.

The weather condition started to change and after the F3 race it started raining. As a matter of fact, a wet condition race was informed and the race laps were shortened to 17 from 22. A first wet condition race of the weekend and the start of the race was delayed 10 minutes.

Race started on 13:20 p.m. and from the pole, Yuki takes the holeshot into the first corner. As usual he spreads the lead from the beginning and takes the opening lap. Daijiro on the other hand from 11th starting position had brought his way up to 6th showing his potential. It seemed easy race for Yuki however, he struggles with the rear grip in the wet condition and drops his position to 3rd. 6 laps in the race, a red flag stops the race due to a machine stopping in the middle of the track making these 5 laps as “Race 1”.

“Race 2” will be an 8 lap sprint race. After the first 5 laps, Yuki was 3rd and Daijiro was in 5th position. A rocket start from Yuki in Race 2 and again he takes the lead from the beginning. The rain itself was getting calm and the track condition was starting to get better and better. On the opening lap on race 2, Daijiro came 7th and with the recovering track condition the pace was getting better and better but unfortunate for Daijiro, on the 1st corner of lap 4, he crashes with high side and was forced to retire from the race.

Yuki on the other hand had changed his setting on the rear suspension during the red flag. Having taken the holeshot on race 2, the setting was perfect for him and tried the spread the lead however, he over runs the first corner of lap 3 and drops his position to 2nd. After that Yuki’s furious ride closes the gap every lap and the 1.8 second gap became 0.4 seconds in the final lap. On the very last corner, Yuki takes the inside of the leading rider however, they both touch and crashed. Yuki quickly brings his bike up and takes the checkered flag. After the race, Yuki went straight to the pit box of the opponent. As a result, Yuki was disqualified from the race and having to take 5 points off. In this event, Yuki ends up with no points and his best 5 qualifying lap times are going to be erased in the next event as a penalty. A first no point race for MORIWAKI Racing this year.

Yuki Takahashi
“In race 1, I could not ride like I wanted due to the lack of grip on the rear and the slide was a bit too big so I was a little relieved for the red flag. So I used the time wisely to change the setting on the rear during the red flag. Therefore on race 2 I was able to have a better pace than race 1 but I overran the 1st corner and dropped my lead. After that I had risk of crashing but chased the leader as quickly as possible and I actually caught up on the final lap. On the last corner of the final lap, I found a gap on the inside so I went for it. But as a result, I touched with Ogata and both of us crashed. Like I said I found a gap on the inside so I went for it however, I was not sure of how it looked like from the 3rd person view and if it was only me thinking that the inside was open then it is my fault so I went straight to Ogata’s pit after the race. It is frustrating to have penalties like this but I will set my mind for the next race and try to get the pole position even with 5 of my best times erased.”

Daijiro Hiura
“The flow of this race weekend was not very good until this morning’s free practice and in race 1 I felt confident with my bike and was able to bring up my position. I was thinking of doing the same on race 2 and as I started to bring up the pace even more I crashed. I did not have enough patience and I had to get a better feel since the flow of this race weekend did not go the right way. In these types of conditions the most important thing to do is to have patience and bring points back to the team but I could not get the right rhythm so this is my reflection point for my next race. We have a little time for the next race so I will train myself even more for the next race.”

DATA - Aug 23,2015 RACE

August 22nd Official Qualifying
Yuki Takahashi snatches 4th Pole Position of the year.

5th round of MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Racing J-GP2 Class in Motegi had begun. In the first half Yuki Takahashi grabbed pole position in all of the races so far this year and in the A.R.T. Test that had taken place yesterday, he also tops the chart and is in a good condition. Daijiro Hiura on the other hand was in the process of adjusting his bike and ended up 9th.
The temperature and weather condition was getting better and better as the day goes on and came the qualifying session.

 Usually, Yuki always tops the charts from the beginning of the session however, it was overwritten today but in the end Yuki rewrites the fastest time of 1.53.387 and snatches the pole position.In this round, there was not any testing session beforehand so all of the menus were done on Friday’s session. It was a bit nervous week but Yuki Takahashi never lost his cool and ends up with a 4 in a row.Daijiro Hiura concentrated to set-up his bike in the ART Test session. He also changed to another set in qualifying however, the time does not come with him. Although in every run he is improving his time and ends his qualifying day in 11th position.The rivals are slowly but surely coming close to Yuki however, Yuki himself also is improving to stretch the gap between his rivals. Daijiro in the other hand will be aiming for the top position in tomorrow’s race.

Yuki Takahashi
“I am purely happy for this pole and want to thank the team for setting the bike in perfect condition without any mistakes. This week there was not a testing session so I had to be precise about the KYB suspension setting and which tire to use and get the feel for the race in just one session. The condition out on the track also was changing so many times because of Formula tests and so on however, I am just happy as of now. I can feel that the rivals are coming close but I will also have to stretch the gap to be in front. Of course the machine is being developed so I know that it will not be flipped so easily. My goal is to win the race for tomorrow. The setting for tomorrow is already set so now I have to concentrate and make sure that any mistakes will not happen. The time is slow from the May round however, we will continue to fight and lap as fast as possible for tomorrow’s victory.”

Daijiro Hiura
“I am very frustrated. I could not ride like how I wanted in the A.R.T. Test so I have changed the setting for qualifying but it did not go the way I wanted. We still have time for tomorrow’s race so I will have to discuss with the team and get the right set-up for tomorrow. I want to thank the team for having to make a lot of changes in the bike and trying hard for me. I want to thank them back by bringing a good position for tomorrow’s race and I will be going full on the from beginning.”

DATA - Aug 22,2015 QUALIFY

All Japan Road Race Championship Round 4 Sportsland SUGO – J-GP2 THIRD Round

Jun 27th (Sat) – Qualify
Jun 28th (Sun) - Race

Race Day (June 28th) Double podium finish for MORIWAKI Racing.

Third round of All Japan Road Racing Championship J-GP2 Class had taken place at Sports Land Sugo in Miyagi providence. After the morning practice of JSB1000 class, it started to drizzle and then comes the race session of J-GP2. The 2 riders from MORIWAKI Racing had chosen the tires for wet condition but the other riders had dry condition tires. In this difficult condition with wet patches on some part of the track, the 20 lap race was about to begin.

Yuki takes the hole shot and by the Hi-Point corner (4th corner) he was able to make a small gap between the second place rider and starts to pull away. Having the lead in the first lap, Yuki never let the pace down and by lap 6, he had opened a 4 seconds gap, leaving the rest of the field and gone to another zip code. This is a very difficult task in this difficult weather condition and Yuki himself have said that it is very hard to maintain a consistent pace in this situation. Cannot lower the pace and definitely not to crash either, the only thing that Yuki can depend on is his concentration.

Daijiro Hiura having started from 10th on the grid, struggled to grab his pace in the beginning however, he had made his way to 6th by lap 7.
After 10 laps in the race the condition started to settle down so Daijiro have pushed the pace up and by lap 12 the 3rd place rider was only 0.045 seconds ahead. Fighting hard for the podium, lap 15 made Daijiro raise to 3rd, laps 1.31.780 making it a personal fastest in lap 18, and a solid 3rd place finish for Daijiro. First podium finish in 2015 and also the first podium in J-GP2 class.

On the other hand, Yuki marks a fastest lap of 1.31.427 in lap 14. Never letting anyone go in front of him, Yuki takes the victory by a huge margin of 9.374 seconds. From the beginning of the season Yuki makes it a 3 pole to win in a row, making a perfect revenge from last year.

With Yuki taking the victory and Daijiro coming to 3rd, MORIWAKI Racing grabs a double podium finish!!

Yuki Takahashi
"All in all I am very happy to achieve a pole to win again. Also happy for MORIWAKI Racing to have both of their riders in the podium. I want to thank the team for making such an unbelievable bike that can ride wherever I want to, in any conditions. It was very difficult to judge the conditions however, I had to pull away from the second place rider, and also NOT to crash as well. All I can rely on is the information from tires and the rain drops that hit my visor but the bike was very good and I could ride it where I wanted to go. The suspension changed to KYB from this year and it was the first wet race with it but the matching with the bike was perfect.At this point finishing second is same as finishing last so my goal is to win all races this year. Victory is what I need for next round in Motegi as well."

Daijiro Hiura
"Crashing on Friday, 10th in qualifying... I was never on the pace this weekend. In the beginning of the race all I can think to myself was to never crash again and my pace was not very good. However, the gap between the riders in front of me was not getting bigger so I thought to myself maybe I still have a chance in the last half. When the drizzle got a bit hard, luckily I was not alone so I was able to hold together with the riders ahead of me like making my way. After 10 laps into this race, the condition had settled down so I thought to myself this is it, I have to go now or never. I was able to pass the riders in front of me and finally reached the podium. I am very very happy to have 3rd place. From the start of the season I finished 5th, 4th, and now 3rd, so my goal for next round in Motegi is to finish 2nd.
Also the last time I raced in Motegi, I was nearly 20 seconds behind Yuki so I would like to be at least closer than the time."

DATA - Jun 28,2015 RACE

Official Qualifying (June 27th Sat) - 3 in a row for Yuki Takahashi in a wet condition!

Round 4 of All Japan Road Racing Championship in Sugo had begun in Miyagi Providence. In yesterday's A.R.T. Test, Yuki Takahashi lapped 1.30.193 making the unofficial record time and of course tops the chart. Daijiro Hiura had run the 1st stint lapping just 0.6 seconds behind Yuki making him 4th in the chart.

The qualifying day began in a wet condition. By the time J-GP2 class was about to start, the rain had become more intense however, Yuki thrashes a time of 1.42.405, about 2 seconds faster than the 2nd place rider. Despite having a large gap between first and second, Yuki never let his concentration slip away and pins a lap time of 1.41.105. Daijiro Hiura on the other hand, was being careful on his first run and comes 8th place.

10 minutes to go, Yuki and Daijiro both goes out on the track but just after they started, a rider crashed and leaves a red flag and the qualifying session finishes.

In the end, Yuki makes a gap of 1.8 seconds to 2nd making it a 3 in a row. Daijiro ended up in 10th position. Sugo is a place where Yuki could not even reach the podium last year, however, this year, he will be standing by in any condition and ready to win. Daijiro also will be aiming for the high position that awaits him.

Please give us the high hopes for these two riders.

Yuki Takahashi
"No one will know what would have happened if the last 10 minutes were not red flagged however, overall I was able to grab the pole position and I am very content for that. It was just a confirmation of setting when I lapped in the 1.41 second zone and I was aiming for 1.39 so it was a pity for the red flag. It was the first time in rain with this KYB suspension and all we did was to change into the wet setting that we usually do and this was all we had to do. Everything is getting better and better after every run. Last year I could not reach the podium so this year I really want the victory. I cannot read the condition of tomorrow however, I am ready for any condition so all I need to do now is to just ride usually and concentrate. I believe to win if I can actually put it to the ride of my words I just said."

Daijiro Hiura
"I am really disappointed for not being able to run in full power. In Friday's test I crashed but our team had fixed the bike back to perfect condition. My first stint in qualifying was just to feel the difference between the test and today. I changed the setting in the suspension and went out again but the rain had become more intense so it did not match to the settings I requested. After that I changed the settings again and went out but unfortunately red flag came. Although I was able to see the setting direction for tomorrow's race so I will see the bike's approach in free practice. I am starting from a lower position (10th) so from the start I will be very aggressive."

DATA - Jun 27,2015 QUALIFY

All Japan Road Race Championship Round 3 TWIN RING MOTEGI – J-GP2 SECOND Round

May 30th (Sat) – Qualify
May 31th (Sun) - Race

Race Day (May 30th Sun) - Pole to win by Yuki Takahashi making it a 2 in a row!

Second Round of All Japan Road Racing Championship J-GP2 Class had begun. According to the forecast it was scheduled to be a cloudy day but it turned out to be a hot sunny day with track temperature of 49℃.

It was a template for Yuki having the hole-shot to the first corner however, the other riders did not let him have that and came 2nd on the end of first lap. Although Yuki never lost his cool and by the 1st corner of lap 2 Yuki rises back to first place. After returning to his default position in lap 2 he pulls out a serious lap time of 1. 53 seconds line and by the end of 3rd lap there was already a gap of 2.47 seconds from 1st to 2nd position.

From then on Yuki was in a different zip code lapping constantly in the 1.53 seconds line and other riders could not reach his time. In fact, he overwrites the record lap time from last year and hammers the time of 1.52.226 in lap 12.

Daijiro Hiura on the other hand having said that he is in a position to fight for the podium and did just that by overtaking the veteran rider Izutsu on lap 4 taking him up to 3rd position. On lap 12 Daijiro was overtaken by Izutsu but was never pulled away from him and battled all the way to the end but sadly finishes 4th.

Having left a maximum gap of 17.151 seconds, Yuki lapped constantly in the 1.53 seconds line and making him the winner of the race. Another pole to win from Yuki accomplishing one of his goal of overwriting the race record lap from last year, he is still not content thinking that it's natural to overwrite the time from last year.

He is set to rewrite every timed lap he made last year and also to do the same thing in the next round at Sugo.

Yuki Takahashi
"I could not accomplish my goal from the start letting other riders get ahead of me in the first lap. Although this situation woke me up in a good way and led me to never cut my concentration out.
It is my destiny to rewrite the record time I made last year and have myself level up even more.
Of course I am happy to have the victory and I want to thank the team who made an excellent bike with no mistakes whatsoever. On top of that I wanted to lap constantly in the 1.52 seconds.
Next round is Sugo where I had a frustrating week last year so I will try my best to go faster than anybody in the track including myself last year and grab the victory again."

Daijiro Hiura
"First half of the race I was running 3rd position and I caught up Ogata and thought to myself I could see the position I am going to reach however, in the last half of the race I could not use the tires how I wanted to and lost a position ending up to this 4th position.

This 4th position is much different from last time since I closed a huge amount of gap to the second place rider. I have discussed this issue to our team manager and mechanics so I will try my best to reach the podium in Sugo with these lessons from our team."

DATA - May 31,2015 RACE

Official Qualifying (May 30th Sat) - 2 in a row for Yuki Takahashi!

Round 3 of MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Race Championship had begun in Twin Ring Motegi at Tochigi Providence. In the Friday practice session,

Yuki Takahashi and Daijiro Hiura were timed 1st and 2nd. In the last half of the practice session the weather did not turn out the way they wanted and could not try some of the program they had planned.

However, the machines were set nearly perfect due to the test in the preseason so it was not a bid deal. As usual Yuki maintained his quickness and in the beginning of the qualifying, he made an image to the beginning of the race and made his way with the laps. In his last attack Yuki grabs the pole position with a time of 1.52.941 the only rider reaching in the 1.52 seconds line. Daijiro had focused on machine setting and he is starting to get use to the MD600. In fact, he had already reached 2nd position in this week's practice session and grabs the 4th spot in this official qualifying session.

Although Yuki had grabbed the pole position for today, he is not content since he did not overwrite the time he marked last year in qualifying. Yuki is determined to overwrite the average race time he marked last year and of course win the race from this pole position. Please hope for MORIWAKI RACING to have a brilliant weekend with another WIN perhaps a 1-2 finish.

Yuki Takahashi
"Of course I am happy to have the pole but I still regret that I could not overwrite the record time I made last year.
I did have some traffic however, I think even without traffic I could not have overwritten the record time which is very frustrating. I did not have a clear vision of how the bike would behave after wearing the qualifying tires and this is what I think was the problem.
The bike is set to a very high level and I am determined to overwrite the average race time from last year and win again."

Daijiro Hiura
"Same 4th place as last time and I missed 2nd place by only 0.08 seconds which is a pity. However, I have a good feeling towards the bike and the matching is nearly perfect. This is why I had a good time in the practice session just by riding it.
I think I have the bike to get in the mix of podium positions so I will try my best to at least finish 1 positoin higher from last time in the race which was 4th."

>DATA - May 30,2015 QUALIFY

All Japan Road Race Championship Round 2 AUTOPOLIS – J-GP2 Opening Round

April 25th (Sat) – Qualify
April 26th (Sun) - Race

April 26th (Sun) Complete Victory for Yuki Takahashi in the opening round of J-GP2.

Season opener of MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Racing Championship J-GP2 class had begun in Autopolis. A bright sunny day throughout the weekend and all sessions were done in dry condition. The race started 2:50 pm in the afternoon! Yuki had a decent start however, he was able to grab the holeshot in the first corner. According to the interview just before the race, he said that he will be full on from the beginning and he did just that. In the first lap, by the the time he reached the first hairpin, he had already opened the gap to the second place rider. Having done 1.53.773 in the first lap Yuki's unbelievable pace had gone up to 1.52.552 in the third lap making this the fastest lap and had already made a gap of 2.07 seconds. From then on Yuki had flown to a different zip code making a gap of 6.73 seconds and made himself a comfortable lead.
Daijiro Hiura on the other hand came 5th on the first lap and tried to hang on with the 3rd place group. "I attempted raise the lap times by fighting with other riders" said Daijiro but he finishes his first ever J-GP2 race in 5th place over all.
Having gone to a different zip code, Yuki never let the consentration slip out of his hands and grabs the victory without no one letting be in front of him. "I still have a little regret that I was not able to average a faster time than last year" says Yuki showing us the obsession to victories and showed us how strong he will be in next round at Motegi.

Yuki Takahashi
"I'm a bit frustrated that I was not able to average faster times than last year regardless of conditions. Although I am taking this as a positive side since we are still in the process of getting things together and still was able to win with such gap. In the middle of the race I tried to raise the pace back to 1.52's. Since if anyone were to pace like I did last year, I would have been overtaken so when I was in the lead, no matter how much of a gap I had I was not content and had to keep my consentration in line. I have learned this from Moriwaki. Anyways I have cleared the first step of my goal to win all the races this year so I will do my best to win at Motegi as well!"

Daijiro Hiura
"I am very furstrated comming a lonely 5th. Couldn't even compete for a podium finish. I at least wanted to have a dog fight with other riders however, even that was not done during the race. Although in my first race in J-GP2 running 17 laps, I tried different styles so I was able to grab some efficient data to the team and for myself. In Motegi I will put this frustration aside and try to raise my level even more to reach my ultimate goal."

DATA - April 26,2015 RACE

April 25th (Sat) Yuki Takahashi grabbing the pole position in the season opener of J-GP2 class!

Round 2 of MFJ Superbike All Japan Road Racing Championship has begun in Autopolis. The season beginner in Suzuka last week was only for JSB1000 class so the rest of the class including J-GP2 class is treated as a season opener of 2015.

From this season, Moriwaki Racing is entering this class with 2 riders including our defending champion Yuki Takahashi and Daijiro Hiura. Young Daijiro will be challenging Yuki as his target and also as a good rivalry. Also from this season, the suspension of the bike has changed from Ohlins to KYB. Meaning this will affect the machine balance and demands time to prepare for settings however, with so little limited time, the season opener began. Despite having only limited time to prepare, Yuki Takahashi grabbed the pole position in the qualifying session. From the very beginning of the session he topped the time chart and never let go. Ultimately he nails a time of 1.52.075 and easily grabbing the pole position.
Meanwhile Daijiro’s first ever qualifying for the J-GP2 class ended in 4th position.

He may be frustrated having nearly 1 second gap between his teammate however, the future is bright for this young man having a 4th position in his first J-GP2 class and first experience with MD600. Yuki was also not content with having just pole position since he could not rewrite the record he made last year.
Having said that with many expectations, please hope for Moriwaki’s pole to win for the race tomorrow!

Yuki Takahashi
“I’m happy to grab the pole position but I’m a little frustrated for not updating the time I lapped last year. This was not a good thing for me because I expected to go faster with the development from our team. However, I have a good vision for tomorrow’s race. We have established pole position and I think of this as a positive value to win the race for tomorrow. From this season the suspension have changed so I have to take a role for development too but we will take care of these situations step by step. My goal is to win all races this year and just like last year we have no plans so I will be full on from the beginning to the end.”

Daijiro Hiura
“I was a little nervous since this was my first ever qualifying for J-GP2 class. Although I grabbed 4th position, I was nearly a second behind Yuki so I wanted to put more fast laps. I am in honor to race for Moriwaki Family. However, I’m still in the process of getting “together” with the team and I get a little nervous every time I run. With that said I’m content to finish 4th in this qualifying session. I still haven’t ridden the bike enough to comment about the MD600 however, I will communicate thickly with our team and get use to this situation as quickly as possible. I will do my best to keep up with the 3 riders ahead of me for the race tomorrow.”

DATA - April 25,2015 QUALIFY