■Engine Maintenance Service

Thoroughly prepared equipments and complete operation by engine experts.
Appropriate advice and dependable maintenance.

Basic price table for Engine overhaul

  Number of cylinder
Single cylinder Twin cylinder 4 cylinder
Capacity ~399cc ¥60,000(JPY)~ ¥70,000(JPY)~ ¥100,000(JPY)~
400~599cc ¥70,000(JPY)~ ¥100,000(JPY)~ ¥145,000(JPY)~
600cc~ ¥83,000(JPY)~ ¥120,000(JPY)~ ¥170,000(JPY)~

Reference price for other maintenance works

  Single cylinder Twin cylinder 4 cylinder
Engine upper O/H ¥30,000(JPY)~ ¥35,000(JPY)~ ¥40,000(JPY)~
Cylinder head only O/H ¥10,000(JPY)~ ¥15,000(JPY)~ ¥15,000(JPY)~
Valves weight reduction ¥10,000(JPY)~ ¥17,000(JPY)~ ¥28,000(JPY)~
Port lapping, 2 valves (#240) ¥12,000(JPY)~ ¥24,000(JPY)~ ¥48,000(JPY)~
Port lapping, 4 valves (#240) ¥16,000(JPY)~ ¥34,000(JPY)~ ¥56,000(JPY)~
Valve seat cutting and valve guide replacement ¥6,200-(JPY)/ Per Valve / Replacement Parts Not Included
Engine dismounting and mounting ¥35,000~(JPY)/Price varies depending on models. Please consult us for the price
  • Indicated prices are reference. Price of replacement parts is charged separately.
  • Prices vary depending on condition of engines.

Rental container for engine transportation

MORIWAKI engine container is available for engine transportation.

【 MORIWAKI engine container rental system procedure】
  1. We send MORIWAKI engine container to your designated address.
  2. Put your engine into the container and send it to MORIWAKI.
  3. We send your engine after maintenance operation with the container.
  4. Take your engine out and return the empty container to MORIWAKI.

"Comfortable performance" and "Understanding of condition"

"Engine overhaul" is a maintenance work. Disassemble the engine for inspection, replace wear parts and take dirt off completely.

MORIWAKI has been actively involved in road race since the establishment of the company. Recently our activities have expanded to the most prominent motorcycle road race, MotoGP. During road races, machine is required to run with its marginal performance, therefore, engine bears enormous load and overhauled after every race. Engines of street use motorcycles do not bear such load every time but there are different problems on street use engines. Aging deterioration of each metal part, corrosion, sealing wear or soot from burning is seen in street use engines that have not haven a maintenance for a long time.

Engines are not "maintenance free". We believe “Comfortable performance” assured by overhaul treatment and “Understanding of condition” recognized from “Comfortable performance” are essential to enjoy long motorcycle life.

Our role is to provide our professional skill with appropriate price to our customers. MORIWAKI maintenance service has been improved and established over years through Suzuka 8hours Endurance, All Japan Road Race Championship and other regional championship road races. MORIWAKI maintenance service is always at your service.

■Precision measurement in temperature controlled room

We conduct measurement and assembly of important components in an air-conditioned precision measurement room. By realizing high precision assembly, we can bring out originally designed performance of each part. Also measurement error is controlled its minimum so it is effective to understand total engine condition.

■Complete operation by engine experts

Every process of engine overhaul at MORIWAKI is done by experienced experts. From our long time experience in the road race scene and a constructor’s work environment, we promise you dependable engine overhaul service.

■Engine Karte (checkup list) method

We create a Karte sheet (or checkup list) of each engine for customers to keep their engines in its best condition for long time. Maintenance data and check points are clearly recorded in the sheet, allow us to give the most appropriate advice to customers.

■Exhaust Maintenance Service

Have your exhaust maintenance by manufacturer.

We determine specification of MORIWAKI exhaust system based on precise calculation, product tests and dozens of chassis test results. In the process, design is adjusted in millimeter order, and our customers can improve performance of their standard motorcycles by just replacing exhaust system with MORIWAKI’s products.

Exhaust system is very essential for motorcycle performance. In case of repair or maintenance requirement, please use our maintenance service for safety as well as maintenance of original performance.

Basic price table for canister cover replacement and maintenance work

SILENCER COVER Length Outer diameter Basic Price
MX ANO/WT/BP 400 - ¥38,000-(JPY)
350 - ¥35,000-(JPY)
ZERO ANO/WT 500 125 ¥40,000-(JPY)
500 115 ¥35,000-(JPY)
455 115 ¥35,000-(JPY)
450 100 ¥32,000-(JPY)
300 100 ¥25,000-(JPY)
ZERO TD ANO/WT 455 115 ¥31,000-(JPY)
400 115 ¥30,000-(JPY)
ZERO TD SMALL ANO/WT 300 80 ¥22,000-(JPY)
ZERO OVAL ANO/WT 350 115 ¥34,000-(JPY)
TOURER ALUMINUM 450 100 ¥20,000-(JPY)
400 100 ¥17,000-(JPY)
  • New replacement canister cover set and maintenance work charge are included in the price.
  • Indicated prices are reference. Prices may vary depending on condition of parts.
  • Specify your name, address and contact telephone#, and indicate location of repair in any form and send with the exhaust system to following address.
Exhaust Maintenance, Sales Dept.

6656-5 Sumiyoshi, Suzuka, Mie

513-0825 JAPAN

Contact: +81 (0) 59-370-0090